The Robatech service RobaPlus is designed to meet the needs of our customers and, through our extraordinary service, give you more value than you expect and other providers can offer you.

With a broad service portfolio, we can provide you with support through the planning and operational phases, to the system upgrades. We develop cost effective and reliable solution concepts as early as the systems planning stage.

With tailored service contracts and a competent onsite service, we help reduce plant downtime and ensure the optimal operation of Robatech units. The technical support provided by the hotline and service experts, as well as the comprehensive onsite training courses for service and operating personnel, adds the finishing touch to our excellent service.



Competent consultation is a key factor for minimizing investment and plant maintenance costs. Our specialists work together with you to find an optimum solution in terms of planning new systems, as well as optimizing existing systems.

Competent consultation is a key factor for minimizing investment and plant maintenance costs. Our specialists work together with you to find an optimum solution in terms of planning new systems, as well as optimizing existing systems.

Project design, Planning and Implementation

Complete application consultation

Process & Resource Optimization

Our consultation service optimizes your systems and adhesive application. This helps to reduce the consumption of resources and minimize costs.

Pattern production, Labor utilization and Experiments

As early as the planning and engineering phase, Robatech assists you in optimizing your system process analytics, technically and economically.

Optimization & Modernization

Whether for enhancing productivity or saving on project costs, we offer a service covering all aspects of optimization and upgrading of analytic instruments in existing systems.



A comprehensive range of service makes it possible to reduce maintenance and repair costs. Here you will find a description of our activities and on-site service, from efficient spare parts management to individual service packages.

Onsite Service

Robatech supports their customers with service specialists. Performances such as commissioning, preventive maintenance and repairs are carried out as required at the customer site. A service vehicle with the most common spare parts is always on hand.

Spare Parts, Parts Advisors, and Express Service

We use regional warehouses and Service vehicles to ensure that the spare parts required are available at the right place and the right time. The option also exists of having Robatech be responsible for your spare parts management in the context of Service contracts.

Repair Service & Allocation of Rental Items

Repairs are carried out promptly at certified repair workshops. In order to shorten standstill times, the possibility also exists of maintaining a pool exchange for selected devices and device components.

Exchange Program

Parts, such as piston pumps, gear pumps and spray elements, can be replaced in the exchange program at low cost. Contact us for further information.

RobaPlus Service Contracts

Reduction of downtime and maintenance scheduling costs are only two of many advantages that are gained from the utilization of service contracts. We offer service packages with warranty extension, preventative maintenance, repairs and on-site service. We can also draw up personalized service packages as required.


For Robatech, reduction of customer machinery downtime is an important target. Whether through Robatech service technicians or through on-site training of your staff, technical problems can be resolved quickly and the security of the process can be ensured. Often, problems can be quickly resolved by the technical support hotline.

Technical Hotline 24/7

Our technical support hotline provides expert advice on technical issues. In an emergency you may call our telephone hotline at any time.

Customer Training

At our in-house training centers, we offer individual courses for operators, service and project planning personnel of our customers. Training is also available by appointment at the customer's site.

Rent & Lease

Complete glue application systems can, if needed, be rented temporarily, on request, there is also the option to buy the system during the rent period. If there is no available budget for a big investment, a lease may be considered.


Melter and application controls can be mechanically and electronically integrated into the host machine. The control components can be integrated into the host system of the company by means of different BUS technologies. Robatech systems can also be integrated into the host machines via Ethernet.