Liquid Fill Solutions

W. H. Leary offers the only "Liquid Fill” detection solution that inspects the most important and common defects found when manufacturing a liquid fill carton.

The common liquid fill inspection options are listed below.


The LS-916 controller integrates seamlessly with the flame seal machine to become the new standard in inspection controllers. The controller has 16 patterns with a large 15” remote color touch screen for easy viewing. Detection accuracy is guaranteed when running speeds of 1,000m/min (2,300 f/min) because of Leary’s patented SureScan™ and GapPro™ technologies.

Jam & Overlap detection is also integral to the system along with multiple rejection options and our patented RejectTrak™ technology.

The expandable LS-916 allows you to add inspection stations in the future as your needs change.

LS-916 Liquid Fill Brochure

Inspection Options

Each inspection option comes with its own trigger to ensure that each failure or defect is properly identified. Any sensor that detects a failure signals the rejection device.

Detects if the skiving operation cut through the paper leaving a void in the hem.

Detects if the hem moved out of position after the hem was folded.

Detects that the fitment knockout has been removed and is cut in the correct location.

Monitors every carton for mixed product or barcodes that are not readable.

The doubles fixture is set to the thickness of one carton and detects the additional thickness of board and will reject or shut down the machine.

All defective cartons are rejected in the final fold section at speeds up to 1,000MPM. Multiple failure options may be programmed into the system.

Pafra’s™ line of gluing only controllers is economical and designed for numerous applications including spine, direct mail, leaflet, peelable and other gluing. Systems are easy to install and come in 1 / 2 / 4 channel systems. The Pafra™ LS-1 and ELC controllers are direct replacements for existing Pafra™ controllers including PDC, APC, MPC and PC-4 / 8.