Folding Carton Solutions

W. H. Leary Company offers the only fully integrated interactive gluing & quality assurance solution designed to not only deliver a quality carton to your customer but to also increase throughput and reduce spoilage. Leary’s expandable systems are designed to grow with you as your requirements change, and with the new Monet™ operating system even complex systems with multiple functions are easy to use and operate.

High-speed Gluing

Leary offers a complete range of hot and cold high-speed gluing systems. The Leary Jet series of gluing valves enables precise multi-point gluing on complex work and can also be used as a glue pot replacement - enable gluing at speeds up to 650m/min (200,000 cartons per hour).

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Glue Wheel Quality Assurance

The M06 microwave sensor from Leary provides accurate measurement of applied glue lines from a glue wheel. Measuring both for glue position and volume, the sensor accurately detects excess & lack-of glue conditions which are the primary causes of customer complaints relating to glue.

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Central Control Integrated System

All Leary LS series gluing and quality assurance systems are designed to be upgradeable to expand as your needs change. This expandability is available throughout the entire range and includes our entry level pharmacode reading systems, which can be upgraded to include a wide range of QA and glue application control at any time in the future. Everything is controlled from a single central unit, with up to three user friendly interfaces to allow operators to make quick make readies and simple adjustments.

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Reliable Carton Removal

Leary’s range of high speed disc ejectors are proven performers. The Max ejector out-performs all other third-party designs with its ability to reliably remove a huge range of cartons from tiny ear plug cartons right through the 24-pack beer cartons. Due to the advanced design, even problem cartons such as those with small side panels can be effectively removed. All Leary systems ship with a Bobst CUBE™ interface, enabling Leary systems to operate with the Bobst flipper™ ejector.

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Closed Loop Glue Detection

Our patented On-Target™ intelligent detection and correction technology automatically keeps the glue line positioned exactly on-target at any speed up to 650 meters per minute. This technology enables ultra-high speed gluing (200,000 cph) with a gluing valve and is exclusively available from W. H. Leary.

Barcode Reading Print/Cut Register

The Leary code reader scans colour pharmacode printed on the carton glue-flap, with excellent performance reading pale colours and reading on coloured back- grounds the system offers flexibility previously unavail- able. Additional functions include print-to-cut register detection providing further security if required. Barcode readers for all other standard and 2D codes are also available.

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Technologies with you in Mind

On-Target™ Glue Detection

Our patented On-Target™ intelligent detection and correction technology automatically keeps the glue line positioned exactly on-target at any speed up to 650 meters per minute.

The system works by using a high-speed glue detection head fitted to the glue valve, the informa- tion from the glue detector if fed back to the processing unit where the detected glue line (actual) is compared to the programmed glue line (required). Where the glue line is not millimeter perfect the system will adapt and automatically correct the position of the glue.

Using this technology allows our customers to tighten their glue position tolerances tighter than ever before. Traditional glue detection systems have required a +/- tolerance of at least 4mm to protect against excessive ejections and machine stops. This would have a negative effect on efficiency, pattern control & product quality. All these effects act to diminish the value of detection systems.

At high machine speeds any standard glue applica- tion system will experience inaccuracies. Outside influences have a greater impact on application position. Viscosity, temperature and airflow around the machine are a few examples of forces beyond the control of the gluing system. These forces are constantly changing making it impossible to compensate for them with traditional gluing systems.

Our technology is patented and unique. It will compensate for any changeable influence whether it be from within the system or from outside. The glue pattern will always remain in the target area. Guaranteed.

Monet™ Operating System

Monet™ is the world's first truly dynamic operating software for electronic gluing & quality assurance systems. Developed over the last 4 years, the system is capable of 'learning' its glue pattern, it is pre- programmed with all the 'standard' folded box designs; it even detects and automatically adjusts glue applications on the run. Monet™ is designed to save you time & money - its simple. Monet is STANDARD on all Leary gluing systems from 2008!

Leary Insight™ Data Collection

The Leary's In-sight™ data collection software allows Leary LS Series systems to send real-time statistical data to a central database. All data contained in the systems' production reports are sent through the Insight™ network, creating archived data and allowing tracking capabilities for basic or sophisticated production analysis.

Standard production reports such as job tracking, production totals, total waste, down codes and defects are provided through the software. Custom reports may also be generated based on specific plant criteria. Each of the ten default reports can be customized by the click of a mouse, making the program easy to run and eliminating the need for any in-house programming expertise.